The strength of our belief in Allah (SWT) gives us the courage to establish good and forbid evil, thus promoting a system of justice for all mankind

The vision of Masjid Alfalah is to preserve, implement, and disseminate Islamic knowledge, as well as nurturing and preparing our future leaders through sound, traditional understanding and learning. Masjid Alfalah is unique in that along wit

h providing a beautiful sanctuary for worship, it also incorporates a higher educational institute. Masjid Alfalah serves as a community center for residents while Masjid Alfalah Seminary offers beginner through advanced classes in various Islamic sciences. We are grateful to Allah ﷻ to have a number of young, American born, qualified Islamic scholars on our staff in addition to enjoying the support of many ulama from across the nation.

After reflecting on the history of American Muslims, it is apparent that Islamic scholarship has arrived on this country’s shores in successive waves. The first generation of immigrant Muslims, still strongly tied to their homelands, invited scholars born and educated abroad to teach them in their native languages and help them live their deen harmoniously in the new land. Thereafter, their children, immersed in the American language and culture, called for scholars who could relate to them. So a second wave of scholars, this time American-born Muslims, travelled overseas and acquired the

knowledge they needed to serve their generation. Now the time has come to raise up a new wave of learned Muslims who have been born, bred, and educated at home. A wave that will duly fill the sacred posts of imams and scholars, address Islamic legal and social issues and challenges unique to the American context, convey with clear expression the true spirit of Islam to our non-Muslim fellow citizens, and establish institutions that will be forces of good, both spiritually and intellectually.