Quran is the structural foundation of every child and Masjid Alfalah offers an opportunity for young boys and girls in a separated environment to come and finish reading the Quran and hafdh-ul-Quran. The classes are offered Monday thru Friday from 4:30Pm to 6:30Pm in the evening so the students can go to school simultaneously.

Along with Quran and proper Tajweed they are taught Islamic studies so that they may form a connection with the Quran and understand it’s meaning. At Masjid Alfalah we believe just memorizing and reading the Quran isn’t enough, but understanding and implementing the Quran will lead to a brighter future for the ummah and build leaders.

Please use the form below to request your child's attendance in our classes. Once the child attends the next business day we will add him/her into our documents.

Weekend School Classes are also available from 10:30am to 1:30Pm